Coast of Maine 'Quoddy Blend' Organic Lobster Compost

Product Description
Coast of Maine 'Quoddy Blend' Organic Lobster Compost
Planting amendment for conditioning flower beds and borders, vegetable gardens, herbs and annuals. Terrific for growing vegetables!

Quoddy Blend is a naturally lightweight, dark rich soil made from compost, sphagnum peat moss, aged bark, and lobster and crab meal.  It is a dark-brown, complex soil filled with everything your plants need for healthy growth.  It drains well and is an ideal soil conditioner for existing beds that need reinvigorating.  The lobster used comes from the cold, dark waters of the Downeast coast of Maine and the Bay of Fundy.  Lobster shells make an exceptional addition to this all-purpose soil amendment.

8 qt. - $7.98,  1 cu.ft. - $11.98, 2 cu.ft.

How much product do you need?  Click here to go to the Coast of Maine online soil & mulch calculator which will give you an approximate product amount needed according to your garden's area and desired product depth.

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Soil conditioner:

Quoddy Blend is the ideal soil conditioner.

To recondition poor soil, work 2 inches into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil.

To maintain healthy soils and for heavy feeders like roses and most vegetables, 1 inch of Quoddy Blend is sufficient.

For normal feeders like herbs and flowering plants, 1/2 inch will do.


Dig a hole as deep and twice as wide as the root ball.

Place the plant in the bottom so the stem is centered and the crown slightly above the rim of the hole.

If the root ball is burlap wrapped, make sure to cut away the wrapping.

Fill in with equal parts of Quoddy Blend and soil, tamping around the plant.

Water thoroughly and regularly until the plant has established itself.

Feed with an organic plant food.