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Herb & Succulent Trio Planter from Root & Vessel

Product Description

This modern, sophisticated, small planter has three separate growing areas to make for an imaginative assortment of plantings. Take the edible route and plant three different herbs or microgreens, place on a sunny windowsill and trim and use your plants as they grow. Go the decorative route by planting succulents and watch them thrive and beautify your space.

Each rounded-edge square vessel easily snaps into place on the tray. As water flows out of the built-in drainage holes on the mini planters, the tray will catch the excess water to protect your surfaces. For added functionality, air can move freely under the base of each planter to promote growth and prevent root rot.

Choose between three awesome neutral colors; grey or taupe – all with a soft matte finish.

$7.98 each

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