What plants are deer proof?

The short answer is that no plant is completely 'deer-proof' especially when deer population is high and deer are their favored food sources are scarce.  There are some plants that are commonly left alone by deer due to their toxicity, strong smells, or unappealing texture.  Click the link below for a list of usually left alone by deer courtesy of a division of Cornell University.

Deer Resistant Plants

Plants that are toxic to deer.

Including daffodil, foxglove, and poppies.

Plants with strong smells.

Herbs like sage, mint, or oregano.  Perennials include lavender, peonies, bearded iris, and ornamental salvia.

Plants with unappealing texture.

Like stachys and lungwort.

Ornamental Grasses

Generally deer avoid ornamental grasses including blue fescue, mainden grass, and fountain grass.

Options for Shrubs

Deer generally avoid forsythia, boxwood, juniper, andromeda, Northern Bayberry, Coast Leucothoe, and viburnum.

Shade Tolerant Plants

Some deer resistant shade plants include most ferns, dicentra, lungwort, and tiarella.