Fall is the time to ensure that you have a beautiful lawn in spring that everyone can enjoy.  Fall lawn care is easy with people and pet-friendly products from Jonathan Green.

Organic Lawn care products from jonathan green

black beauty ultra mixture supreme grass seed blend

 Black Beauty® Ultra is a mixture that is most similar to what is found  on sod farms.  Black Beauty® Ultra possesses species diversity and  contains exclusive, elite varieties of tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass  and perennial ryegrass.  These grasses grow a naturally dark-green and  beautiful lawn with excellent heat and drought tolerance.  Black Beauty  Ultra® will improve any lawn that it is overseeded into.  

organic lawn food 10-0-1

 Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food is a complex, organic lawn food that  promotes strong grass growth. These homogenous, easy-to-spread granules,  can be used on established and newly seeded lawns or when sodding.  Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food also helps to rejuvenate thin, stressed  lawns by adding organic content to the soil. These ingredients help to  improve soil structure and the soils water holding capacity. Your lawn  will be better able to withstand environmental stress. The organic  approach to lawn care takes time, be patient, since nature needs time to  break down nutrients. Remember to mow your lawn higher to help reduce  weed competition. Children and pets may re-enter lawn area after  application. Please follow directions for use for best results. 

mag-i-cal plus

 MAG-I-CAL PLUS® for Lawns in Acidic + Hard Soil is a unique, multi-faceted, soil-enhancing food that rapidly raises soil pH, loosens hard soil, and stimulates soil microbes.  MAG-I-CAL PLUS® for Lawns in Acidic + Hard Soil contains fast-acting calcium which raises soil pH to enhance nutrient  availability from lawn foods and improve cell wall structure.  It also  fortified with a patented, quick-releasing gypsum to help break up clay  and compacted soil for better air, water, and root penetration into the  soil.  Additionally, MAG-I-CAL PLUS® promotes growth by increasing biological activity to aid in the release of trapped nutrients in the soil. 


 March-mid June or August-October 

when to apply

Use in spring, summer, or fall.

when to apply

 MAG-I-CAL PLUS® can be applied any time of the year.  It can be applied on the same day with any lawn product or when seeding or sodding. MAG-I-CAL PLUS® is a completely natural product and will never burn your lawn. .