Bobbex Rose Deer and Insect Repellent

Product Description

Bobbex Rose/Deer and Insect Repellent

Bobbex Rose / Deer and Insect Repellent is an environmentally friendly, all natural, dual purpose repellent formulated to discourage rose-eating deer and repel rose-loving insects that include aphids, mites, leafhoppers, greenflies and sawflies.

Am must for all rose lovers, Bobbex Rose / Deer and Insect Repellent is an all natural and environmentally friendly garden pest control, working through taste and smell aversion. Bobbex Rose creates a healthier growing environment for Roses by cutting back on the need for insecticides, pesticides and fungicides. A special sticking agent provides lasting effectiveness—Bobbex Rose WILL NOT WASH OFF during rain, hosing, or irrigation.

This ready-to-use formula comes with its own trigger sprayer.

Recommended uses: Hybrid Tea Roses, Antique Roses, Floribunda Roses, Shrub Roses Climbing Roses and Tree Roses Coverage: 1,000 square feet.

32 oz. Ready to Use Spray - $16.98

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