Coast of Maine 'Cobscook Blend'

Product Description
Uses: All-purpose garden soil – Great for growing Vegetables! Also great for conditioning sandy soil, aerating compacted and clay soils.

Cobscook Blend is a rich mixture of composted salmon, blueberries and farm manure, very old dark bark, sphagnum peat moss, and horticultural limestone. It has been carefully formulated from all natural ingredients to provide a balance between water retention, drainage and aeration. It is an ideal all-purpose soil builder for vegetable and flower gardens. It requires less frequent watering and works well with acid-loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, holly, pieris and blueberry bushes.

It is permitted for use in the production of MOFGA certified organic crops.

1 cu.ft. - $11.98
2 cu.ft. - $17.98
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Planting in Beds and Gardens

When planting vegetables, perennials, roses, trees and shrubs dig a hole as deep and twice as wide as the root ball or container in which they were purchased.

Place the plant in the hole so the stem is centered and the crown level with or slightly above the rim of the hole. With a wrapped root ball, cut away the burlap to free the stem.

Then fill in around the plant with equal parts soil and Cobscook Blend. Push any burlap wrapping back into the hole so it is not visible. Burlap will quickly decompose if it has not been chemically treated. Treated burlap should be removed.

Water slowly but thoroughly, taking special care of the plant until it has re-established itself. Feed as directed with organic plant food.