Coast of Maine 'Cobscook Blend' Gardening Soil

Product Description
Coast of Maine 'Cobscook Blend' Gardening Soil
Uses: All-purpose garden soil – Great for growing Vegetables!  Also great for conditioning sandy soil, aerating compacted and clay soils.

Cobscook Blend is a rich mixture of composted salmon, blueberries and farm manure, very old dark bark, sphagnum peat moss, and horticultural limestone.  It has been carefully formulated from all natural ingredients to provide a balance between water retention, drainage and aeration. t is an ideal all-purpose soil builder for vegetable and flower gardens.  It requires less frequent watering and works well with acid-loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, holly, pieris and blueberry bushes.

It is permitted for use in the production of MOFGA certified organic crops.

1 cu.ft. - $11.98
2 cu.ft. - $19.98

How much product do you need?  Click here to go to the Coast of Maine online soil & mulch calculator which will give you an approximate product amount needed according to your garden's area and desired product depth.

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For New and Existing Garden Beds:

To maintain healthy soils, apply Cobscook Blend™ into garden soil every year.

This is best done in the spring when prepping to seed or transplant and then again mid-season.


For Improving Soil Structure (sandy, compacted or clay soil):

Work a 2” layer into the top 4” to 6“ of soil before planting.


For Use as s Top-dressing:

If you have been amending your garden plot and have fairly loose soil to begin with and also have cleared the bed out of debris, a top-dressing application is recommended.

Add a 2” layer on top of the soil and seed or transplant directly into it.

This will dramatically reduce the number of weed seeds that germinate from the native soil and mean less weeding for you!