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Croton - 'Gold Dust', 'Mamey', & 'Petra'  - 6" pots

Croton boasts bright, vibrant foliage in a variety of colors.  'Mamey' & 'Petra' have a combination of bold red, orange, yellow & green hues, while 'Gold Dust' has unique bright-green leaves that are splashed and spotted with yellow hues.

Croton is a good choice for high light areas.  At least 3 hours of direct sunlight is recommended but hot afternoon sun is not optimal. It will tolerate some shade but the bright light will help intensify its bold colors.

Crotons prefer well-drained, aerated soil that is evenly moist. Avoid overwatering or allowing your plant to get too dry.  Place in a warm area free from drafts. 

Crotons also like a little more humidity so misting your plant with distilled or vaporized water is recommened. This plant is perfect for rooms with higher humidity levels like bathrooms.

Croton have been known to remove harmful VOC's from the air (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Many tropical plants are toxic to both pets and humans if the leaves or other parts of the plant are ingested. Croton is one of the plants that you should keep out of reach of your pets and small children. It is considered toxic if ingested and the sap of its leaves can cause skin irritation.

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