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Product Description

A holiday favorite, cyclamen add bold colors and a unique tropical feel. Great for home, office, or as a gift plant for party hosts and teachers. Unlike many other flowering houseplants, cyclamen prefer cooler environments making them a great addition to your indoors in the winter.

  • 4" pot - $6.98
  • Quart size pot - $7.98
  • 6" pot - $11.98

Cyclamen Care:

  • Cyclamen should be watered when the soil is dry to the touch. Water with room-temperature water from below the leaves. Be mindful to not overwater which will cause root rot. When repotting cyclamen make sure that the pot has good drainage.
  • Cylamen prefer humid conditions and do best in moderately warm indoor temps (between 50-68 degrees). If you cyclamen is in an area that is too warm, ie, too close to a vent or fireplace, or too cold, ie. by drafty windows it will severely harm or even kill the plant.
  • Place your cyclamen in an area that has bright, indirect light.
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