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Elephant Ear 'Black Magic'

Product Description
Elephant Ear 'Black Magic' - 2 bulbs per package - $7.98
Plant Height

44-48 Inches

Bloom Time

Foliage plant all season

Hardiness Zone


Incredible dusty purple-black foliage that resembles an elephant's ear. Colocasia, also known as Elephant Ear, makes a bold statement in any pond, bed, or patio container.

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Light Requirements: Partial Sun, Partial Shade

Planting Depth: 1 Inches

Bulbs per Square Foot: 1

At most, use 2 Pond Tablets every 3-4 weeks from April through September. If planted outside the pond, dig a hole slightly deeper than the bulb itself. Place bulb in hole, blunt side down. Space multiple bulbs at least 2 feet apart. Be sure to water well throughout the summer for continuous enjoyment.

Deer Resistant