Epipremnum aureum

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Epipremnum aureum

'Golden Pothos' & 'Marble Queen' - 10" hanging baskets

Pothos is a very popular choice for a house plant because of its attractive heart-shaped foliage, elegant, trailing habit, and because it is easy to care for.  It's leaves emerge greeen and mature to be variegated with streaks of either white or yellow hues.

Pothos prefer moderate to bright light conditions - which makes it a great option for areas with a lot of bright artificial light. It will tolerate some low light conditions but often this will cause it to lose some of its varigation.

Pothos looks best hanging from celiings or windows, or place on a tall shelf of table and and let its foliage trail down towards the floor. Plants can be trimmed right after its leaf nodes which will help train your plant into a fuller, bushier habit.

Pothos need well-drained, aerated soil. Water with room-temperature water and allow its soil to dry out between waterings. Overwatering will cause yellowing of leaves and leaf drop.  They like some degree of humidity so misting plants with distilled or vaporized water is recommended. Brown leaf tips are often the result of the air being too dry.

Some varieties of pothos have been known to help clean the air of formaldehyde, toulene, xylene, and benzene.

Many tropical plants are toxic to both pets and humans if the leaves or other parts of the plant are ingested.  Pothos is considered toxic if any part of the plant is ingested.  The leaves may also cause skin irritaion.  Pothos plants should be kept out of reach of both pets and children.

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