Espoma Lawn Food

Product Description

For use on all lawns: Cool season grasses including bluegrass, fine  fescue, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass. Warm season grasses  including bentgrass, bermudagrass, St. Augustine grass, zoysiagrass, and  centipede grass.  

Organic based lawn food for all seasons 

  • Safe for kids, pets & the environment.
  • Won’t burn lawns or leach out of soil.
  • Enhanced with Bio-tone® microbes.
  • Contains non-staining iron and slow release nitrogen.

 Feed any time grass is actively growing.
• Cool season grass: Feed 3-4 times each year: Early Spring, Late Spring (optional), Early Fall and Late Fall.
• Warm season grass: Feed 4-5 times each year: Late Winter, Early Spring, Late Spring, Late Summer, and Fall. 

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