Herbicide Granules Weed and Grass Preventer

Product Description

Hi Yield Herbicide Granules - Grass and Weed Preventer
An easy way to prevent weed growth around ornamental trees, shrubs and listed flower and vegetable gardens and any other areas where undesired weed growth may occur.

4 lb. bag - $14.98

15 lb. bag - $39.98

Prevents 27 different grassy and broadleaf weeds. Controls Chickweed, Goosegrass, Sandbur, Purslane, Thistle, Annual Bluegrass, Barnyardgrass, Crabgrass, Johnson Grass and many other grasses and flowers listed on label (See label product picture for more info).

Please note: This product does not kill weeds but prevents them. You must first remove existing weeds. Do not allow people of pets to enter the treated area until granules are thoroughly mixed into the soil with a rake or roto-tiller.

Apply as early as possible in the growing season to take advantage of season-long weed control.  Can be applied anytime of the year around shrubs, trees, and established plants.  May be applied up to 10 weeks before planting direct seeded vegetables.

For Established Plants:
For flowers, trees, shrubs and listed vegetables at least 2-3" tall. Sprinkle like salt on soil surface at the rate of 1 oz. per 10 sq. ft.

Use only on 2-3" tall listed flower and vegetable transplants. Do not use on flower seed.
Application Rates:
For light and sandy loam - 1 lb. per 1,280 sq. ft.
Medium loam - 1 lb. per 960 sq. ft.
Heavy silt and clay - 1 lb. per 640 sq. ft.

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