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Jonathan Green Black Beauty® Seed Roll

Product Description

Jonathan Green Black Beauty® Seed Roll is a biodegradable seed mat that is ideal for reseeding bare spots and seeding hilly areas. It contains premium Black Beauty® Ultra grass seed, starter lawn fertilizer, and mulch. Black Beauty® Ultra grass seed is naturally dark-green in color, drought-tolerant, and disease resistant. It is consistently ranked as one of the best grass seeds available on the market today!

The biodegradable grass seed mat warms the soil below and allows light and water to penetrate so grass seed will sprout. Grows best in sunny or shady areas, and germinates in 10 – 20 days. The germination mat protects grass seed from being washed away from heavy rain and hungry animals and birds. Cut the Seed Roll with scissors to fit a bare area of any shape in your lawn.

 50 ft. x 1 ft. roll - $34.98

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For best results use Black Beauty SeedRoll anytime temperatures in your area are consistently above 50°F.  In the fall, planting or repairs should be completed 6 to 8 weeks prior to temperatures dropping below 40°F.

Water your prepared area well the night before planting.

Do not lay SeedRoll over existing grass or vegetation.

SeedRoll must be in contact with the soil to grow.  Clear area of debris and loosen the top 2 inches of soil with a rake to create a smooth surface. 

Do not lay SeedRoll during periods of strong winds or approaching heavy rains.

How to roll out:

For Bare Spots:

Roll out the first section of SeedRoll over the prepared area.  Cut this section away from the roll and lightly water the outside portion, keeping the inside edge relatively dry.  SeedRoll will “stick” to the ground once moistened, so be sure it is in place before watering.  Cover edges of roll with soil to keep in place.

For Larger Areas:

Lay more than one section closely together without gaps, slightly overlapping the edges.  Once this is done, finish watering your first section of SeedRoll.  Remember; always try to keep your bottom edge of the new section dry.  Continue until the desired area is covered.


Do not walk on SeedRoll once installed.  Once finished, water lightly until all sections are wet.  Once planted, water frequently with a sprinkler or hose.

DO NOT apply a forceful jet of water to SeedRoll.  SeedRoll holds and locks in moisture, so watering frequently in small amounts is best.

Ideally, water 2 or 3 times a day, until wet each time, keeping SeedRoll constantly wet for the first three weeks or until grass reaches 3 inches tall.

Mowing can begin when the grass reaches 3 inches.


Grass Type: Tall Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, and Kentucky Bluegrass

Grass Color: Dark Green

Recommended Planting Months:

For cool season grasses

Mid-August through mid-October

Mid-March through mid-May

Sun Tolerance: Excellent

Shade Tolerance: Good

Light Requirements: 4 - 5 hours of filtered sunlight (minimum)

Drought Tolerance: Excellent

Insect and Disease Resistance: Good

High Traffic Tolerance: Good

Germination Time: 10 - 20 days