Potted Cucurma

Product Description

Curcuma is in the ginger family and is commonly grown as an ornamental houseplant.  It has exotic flowers that come in a variety of colors and will add a tropical feel to your indoor spaces.

When grown indoors, curcuma likes bright, indirect sunlight!  It an be brought outdoors during summer and placed in full sun or partial shade.  It prefers evenly moist soil and needs good drainage. If growing outside in the warmer months, bring your cucurma plant indoors when the temps start to turn cooler.

In spring and summer, curcuma can be fertilized with an all-purpose fertilizer bi-weekly.  Once you bring your plant inside for the winter make sure to cut down on fertilizing and watering so that the plant can rest and go dormant.  Its leaves will eventually die off and after cutting down spent leaves you can stop watering it. 

When spring arrives place the dormant curcuma in a sunny area and water lightly until new foliage appears. 

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