Soil Doctor 'EZ Spread' Granular Lime

Product Description

Soil Doctor 40 lb. Granular Limestone is coarsely ground limestone used to help reduce soil acidity.  The extended-release granules reduce acidity over time and will help fertilizers work more effectively.  Organic and rich in calcium and magnesium, the granules will help create optimal growing conditions in your garden or lawn areas.

  • Helps reduce soil acidity to help shrubs, lawns, vegetables and flower gardens flourish
  • Granules are rich in calcium and magnesium for improving plant nutrition
  • 40 lb. bag covers up to 1,000 sq. ft. to treat your garden from corner to corner
  • Resists burning to extend granule application time
  • Contains extended-release granules to reduce soil acidity over time
  • Apply anytime will not burn

40 lb. bag - $7.98

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